Headquarters (hq):
03-4142 6089 03-4142 5402 (FAX) 012-758 6089
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Ground Floor, Lot 9094, Jalan Malinja,Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak 53000 KL.
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Taska CECE
Taska CECE offers toddler programme for toddlers age 2 to 4 years old. These programme helps a toddler develops through hands-on learning and fun experiences. This is a significant period of time for a child in their entire life where they get to learn things rapidly. Therefore, our teachers plan the activities to be more fun and enjoyable throughout the learning process. Besides, the opportunities are given to toddlers to learn through their senses and explore the world around them freely. This allows the development of core skills build in toddlers. In addition, our teachers and caregivers promote young children’s curiosity and potential of learning by providing a safe, loving and conducive learning environment. Our teachers are ensure all the planned activities are based on young children’s interest.
Operation Hours
Full-Day Care Programme Monday to Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm
Education Program Monday to Friday: 8am-12.00pm