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Taska & Tadika CECE were established in the year 2002 with a strong foundation of Early Childhood Care and Education. Our motto is to respect young children necessities. We provide them with a safe, comfortable, happy and hassle-free zone with the ultimate understanding of what they can achieve. In the procedure, young learners will become confident, disciplined, independent and optimistic. Hence, our methods are designed to withstand the development thirst of the young learners. It provides early experiences that enrich cognitive, physical, creativity and aesthetic development.
Early childhood care and education are a great significant for children as it lays the foundation for their personal and academic development. In the early years, children develop and learn faster than any other stages of their lives. We believe that stimulating play is a key for children's growth and developmental process. Play is an enjoyable activity that carries its own merits. Children actively participate in the process of exploring and acquiring concepts, testing out their ideas and practising skills as they play. Thus, our Programme is child-centred and play-based. Our practices respect young children`s basic rights and requirements. They need to feel safe, secure, affectionate and cared. Children feel confident, happy and experience what they can do. They will succeed and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. In the process of learning, young learners become confident, self- discipline, autonomous and sociable.
Ground Floor, Lot 9094, Jalan Malinja,Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak 53000 KL.
OUR VISION TASKA & TADIKA CECE aim to nurture young children to their fullest potential: Children will be happy, confident, responsible, motivated, creative and be a virtuous individual. Our Mission TASKA & TADIKA CECE to provide: 1. A safe and hygienic environment. 2. A conducive & enriching learning environment. 3. A caring and loving atmosphere. 4. A strong working partnership with parents. 5. To nurture and support the holistic development and healthy growth of each child, without any discriminations, irrespective of the child's gender, age, race, ethnicity, skin colour, culture, religion and beliefs. OUR MOTTO Always in the service of children