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Enlightenment of TIC Programme

A series of experiences is provided for every child to stimulate his/her inherent and potential abilities in leading to life-long learning.

(a) Literacy Acquisition

A print-rich environment supports literacy development. When children see how reading and writing work in everyday experiences, they begin to label objects, try out their versions of writing and practice communicating with each other. Experiences with picture books increase children’s ability to tell their own stories and expand their vocabulary as they explore the world of literature.

b) Psychological Disposition

To become stable, secure and confident as a result of developing the motor ability, acquiring language and mental attainment and performance in a number of areas such as communication, physical skills, artworks and thinking.

(c) Social Skills

To realize that others exist and relationships bring happiness, consideration for others, cooperation and sharing activities, solving conflicts and making decisions in a group, respecting others and placing value on relationships as well as respecting self and each other’s differences.

(d) Moral

To become aware of the rules of relationship within a group, class and school, to know what is right and wrong, to learn self-control, discipline and to respect the needs of others.

(e) Values

To cultivate mannerisms and behaviours that reflect what are valued in the family and school, to express love, respect and care for family members, teachers and friends, appreciate their differences, to become responsible for one's action and to care for the environment.

(f) Aesthetics

To learn about our feelings and thoughts through creative activities such as doing art or craft and creative expressions as in telling stories or role-playing in a drama, singing and dancing.

(g) Outdoor Experiences

Outdoor time is an important routine of the day. Young children need opportunities to run, jump, and stretch and use all of the small and large muscles of the body. In addition, activities are moved from indoor to the outdoor that take on new meaning. The different sounds from the neighbourhood, the changes of light due to the shifting of the clouds, the feel of breeze while running across the field, playing in the sandpit add to the richness of the outdoor experiences.

(h) Learning Activities

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